Kannauj Attar & Essential Oil is committed to provide its global clients with fines quality natural attar perfumes & absolute pure essential oils. We understand the fact when natural oils are manufactured at a compromised quality level, or to put it simply when these natural oils are altered, by artificial means with help of chemicals; the essence of these essential oils is lost and come out in a firm that doesn’t contain key characteristics. At Kannauj Attar & Essential Oil, we commit our customers for top grade attars & essential oils that are: Wild Crafted: Grown & cultivated organically in the wild. Pesticide Free: Strictly no use of any harmful pesticides. Select Farmed: Ecologically responsible and standard farming practices that result in producing therapeutic grade, finest quality oils.


Sourcing of Raw Material:

At Kannaujattar.com, we firmly believe that process of quality control should begin at the earliest stage of production.

Every season, batch samples of raw materials are sourced from the reputed distilleries & farms from all over the world. Our dedicated team of research and development experts have personally hand selected many of these farms, as per the cogent guidelines and defined standards. Our research team ensures to verify the botanical species of the plant, and where farmers claim to have organic status we insist upon providing us with the supportive documents.

For, example, we obtain Roses from Hassain (India) and Bulgaria, Lavender from the high altitude mountains of Bulgaria. We obtain our Frankincense from Ethiopia, Oud from Assam, Sri Lanka & Combodia, Gardenia from South India and so on.

At Kannauj Attar & Essential Oil, research and development team is responsible for choosing herbs, plants, flowers bark & roots from their origin lands, because it allows superior delivery of true therapeutic grade oils, the finest, most potent oils on earth.


Strict Sourcing Criteria

The following is a list of criteria Kannauj Attar & Essential Oil uses to select 100% therapeutic grade:

  • Fair trade practices of Import/Export
  • Ecological & sustainable
  • No harm to animals
  • The farm & distiller must have right insights and expertise on the correct time of day & season to harvest & distill essential oils for excellent results.
  • Never use naual essential oils that have been denatured, reconstituted or altered using other chemical compounds.
  • No genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).
  • No artificial colors, oils, additives, scents or compounds of any kind.


Upon passing quality control our research and development team approves the raw material, and then it is purchased in bulk and the consignment is assigned a unique batch number and entered into the records of our raw materials database.

Information recorded includes; the product name and its botanical name & species, product characteristics, its geographical source of origin, date of purchase and contact details of the producer or supplier. We also batch code each essential oil that we sell which enable us to trace the particular essential oil you purchase back to the distillation date.

This defined process makes us always able to trace every ingredient, of every attar or essential oil, right back to its source. The same levels of meticulous checks are applied on each of the raw materials we procure to ensure that our high standards are continually upheld.

Manufacturing standards

During the process of manufacturing essential oils or natural attars, the same exacting standards are rigorously imposed at every stage in order to support full traceability, whilst showing compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Failure to meet any one of our demanding quality standards – at any stage – will result in an oil or raw material being firmly rejected. Discover more about GC analysis.

Note: GC/MS and Gas Chromatographic Spectrometers (right) testing processes are of therapeutic grade essential oil, not for attar perfumes.

Storage: Our essential oils are inventoried & handled with great love and care. Our pure oils are stored in a dark room at controlled temperature. Batches are poured in small amounts so the revered oils are not exposed to air for long periods of time.

Kannauj Attar & Essential Oil, we understand the finer the essential oil, the faster it evaporates; thus we are dedicated to fiercely protecting each & every one of our beloved essential oils.