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Alcohol & Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers – Made in India

at Best Wholesale prices for your Bulk requirements 

Buy the best-quality hand sanitizers for your bulk requirements at the best wholesale prices, 100% made in India. We at ‘Kannauj Attar’ are offering both alcohol-based and alcohol-free hand sanitizers.

We supply to every city of India including Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. We also export to more than 50 countries including the USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, etc.

Why choose Kannauj Attar? Because We Care.

We care about your business and the health of your customers. We founded our company on ‘Purity is our Priority’. We believe more in giving great products, excellent customer service, and building relationships. That has made us a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of hand sanitizers in the industry. Here are some more reasons:

  • Pure & Skin-Friendly Ingredients.
  • Safe for Kids.
  • Affordable rates in the industry.
  • Customer support at each level.
  • On-Time & Fast Delivery.

Why You Must Use Hand Sanitizers Frequently?

  • Easy & Quick to Use: No water required. Just squeeze some drops on hand and clean the hands. Faster than soaps.
  • Growing Demand: With the increase in viral infections, most people will prefer to use sanitizers for daily hygiene.
  • Kills 99% Germs: Keeps you healthy and makes the germs stay away.
  • Safer than Soaps: Each drop is untouched and uncontaminated by anyone else.
  • Easy to Store & Portable: Keep them anywhere in the house or carry them and use on the go.

What We Offer as Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers 

With the rise of flu and infections, alcohol-based sanitizers are becoming more of a necessity for every household. Alcohol kills 99% of micro-germs. We use about 60-90% alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol) in our sanitizers.

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers

Our extensive range also includes alcohol-free hand sanitizers with alternative antiseptic ingredients to kill the germs and cleanse the hands. Safer for kids and gentle for hands. 

Hand Sanitizers with Essential Oils

Do you need extra care? We got you covered. We also have hand sanitizers with essential oils that will have additional antibacterial and antiviral properties. Also, they will some light scent of that essential oil which makes them more attractive.

Private Labeling 

We also offer private labeling to make your brand. We will manufacturer and/or package the product with your brand name and label, at the lowest price in the industry.

You can also contact us directly via mail: [email protected] or call us at +91-9953406029. We are happy to assist you with any of your needs. 

Get best-quality hand sanitizers from a reputed wholesale supplier for your bulk needs. Pure, Skin-Friendly, Made in India, & Affordable prices. 

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