Aroma/Fragrance Consultancy Services:

We are a prestigious fragrance innovation and Research and development company who cater top notch fragrance consultancy services to global clients including individuals & industries.

Our Fragrance consultants comprise over 25+ years of combined experience across wide range of industries.

Besides Fragrance testing & evaluation services, we also provide Aroma consulting services to suppliers, contract manufacturers, brands, retailers and numerous other businesses.

Fragrance Consulting Services


How We Help Businesses with Fragrance Consulting?

We help our clients in achieving a high-end product for their customers by guiding them through the selection procedure of right aroma that suits their brand image as well as product positioning. We carry out extensive research to understand the target audience, their expectations, our client’s objective and how they want to position a specific product in market.

The role of aroma is crucial in any consumer-end product, be it perfume, deodorant, scented products, beauty or cosmetic stuff or anything else. However, choosing the right fragrance to offer a unique positioning to your product is a tedious task and needs to be carried out through experts only.

Our experienced team at not just understand your business and product, but also help you in the development of right fragrances with right market-fit in a way that it boosts you sales and leave a lasting impression on users.

  • Evaluation support & techniques
  • Brand & Market trends analysis
  • Fragrance strategy
  • Perfume brief writing
  • Fragrance development execution
  • Fragrance Re-engineering and Support to Fragrance Re-Launch
  • Olfactive pyramid creation
  • Quality Control