3 ways to make your natural attars roll-on perfumes last longer this winter

Long Lasting Attars for Winter

Natural attars offers lingering experience as they smell like freshly snipped flower stems. Kannauj Attar as a brand has emerged with its clear positioning of offering natural/plant based perfumes to its customers.

There are no doubts that natural attars are beautiful and soft perfumes. However, users who are new to attars may have certain concerns related to their longevity. So, we thought to write this article focusing on how we can make our attars lasting longer:

Apply an undercoat of Aroma Free body lotion or oil:

On a drier skin, the oil based perfumes do not last longer. Since in winters, our skin is dry most of the times, it may significantly reduce the longevity of your attar. It is suggested to apply a body lotion with very less or no aroma 15 to 30 minutes before applying the attar.

Choose Attars with Deep, Warm Notes

There are season based scents to be used around the year. Winter scents  generally have deeper notes, slightly strong and somewhat spicy attars ideal to wear in this season. So you can replace your floral summer scents with traditional Indian Attars. We have previously covered the best scents for winters.

Apply on Pulse Points:

Natural attars should be applied on pulse points for experience the warmth of the scent. A winter attar with deep notes when applied on pulse points, it makes your overall experience of wearing attars mesmerizing. Also, doing so not only help with increased projection of attars but also improves their lasting on skin.