How to Apply Attar Perfumes oils?

The Traditional Way to Applying Attars – Applying Attar Oil Directly on Body

Attars have been used for centuries in India. In ancient time these fragrances were appreciated by many emperors and their queens. So, during those ancient time, when the roll-on attar bottles were not been introduced, people were used to apply on their pulse point at the wrist, Additionally, they used to put it on the back of their hand and rub it lightly.

Once you have applied it on one hand-wrist, you should dab your hand lightly on the other hand’s wrist. It is recommended to take sufficient quantity so that you can additionally apply it on pulse points of left and right side of neck.

Nikhil, the Youtuber who runs his own channel on youtube with name of “Exotic Scents” has explained the method of apply attar in a really nice manner.

Things to Consider When Applying Attar Directly on Body:

Well there are certain aspects that you should keep in mind when applying attar on body:

  • Make sure your hands are clean
  • Synthetic attars might cause irritation to certain skin types, it is recommended to use natural attars
  • Your hands should not be extremely dry, a little moisture is likely to enhance the experience
  • Dark attars can stain clothes
  • Always maintain the hygiene of your fragrances

Experimental Ways to Apply Attars:

One experimental yet quite innovative way of application of attar is dip a small piece of cotton in attar and put it in your shirt’s front pocket or keep it in shirt’s collar.