Shamama Attar | The Original Creation of Kannauj

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After smelling it for the first time, you might give a bizarre reaction and will ask how can people like this? Wait for just 10 more minutes and you will want this in your collection. That is what makes Shamama Attar so unique. 

We saw a lot of queries on the internet to find out what is shamama attar. So, we created this short guide on this rare masterpiece. 


What is Shamama Attar?

Shamama Attar is an herbal attar made using a blend of many different herbs, woods, spices or essential oils. It has a rich spicy aroma. It is originally created in Kannauj of India. Every perfumer in kannauj has their own secret mix of different raw materials for their ‘Shamama Formula’. 


The Exotic Spicy Aroma of It

Shamama is really the most unique attar you will find in the market. It is spicy, maybe the spiciest out of all. But there is also a refreshing floral (a bit minty) touch in its notes. Its spiciness makes it quite strong for our senses, but that is also the reason for its effectiveness. 

Some people also describe it ‘similar to saffron attar but spicier’.

If you are a newcomer in the attar world, it might not be a suitable option for you. Why? Because its scent is very different from any other flower-based attar or synthetic perfumes you have used till now. We have already listed Best Indian Attar to Try, check that for your first step into this world.

But if you are already deep in this strange realm of attars and want to try something which will blow your mind, this is the best option. Shamama will really give you a weird sensation first, but we are sure you will love it in the end and will use it forever.

We recommend it as perfect for special occasions like weddings, family functions or festive celebrations. It will be more perfect if it is for night time. However, it is not the first choice of many for daily use, but that depends on your personality. 

Winters are the best time for it if you want something different for each season. It is warm in nature and provides comfort during those chilly cold days.


Recipe & Ingredients of Shamama

Shamama is manufactured using the ‘deg & bhapka method’, a traditional process developed about 400 years ago in India. The whole process requires intense labor and a lot of time to craft this exotic fragrance.

Let’s now talk about the mysterious ingredients of the Shamama recipe. Every perfumer has its own secret formula. Some of the most common ingredients are Henna, Musk, Amber, Frankincense and more. But each mix has more than 20 different components and each perfumer is using a unique combination of these materials in different ratios to make their own Shamama.


Uses of Shamama Attar

Shamama is one of the most long-lasting attar perfumes. It is widely popular in Gulf countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. Since it is a ‘warm’ attar, many people who live in a cold climate for most of the year have also started using it. Some people also claim that it makes them feel better during cold or cough.

Perfumery, Tobacco and Incense sticks industries are one of the biggest buyers of this attar. It can also be added in therapeutic medicines, in food for flavoring or in cosmetic products.

So now you know how Shamama has its own place in this wide world of wonderful attars. It is one of the greatest creations of India that most people don’t talk about. Even some attar enthusiasts don’t know much about it. But like we said before, it is a ‘masterpiece’ with mystery recipe.