Top 5 Attar Perfume Shops in Dubai to Buy Arabian Scents

Must Visit Shops in Dubai UAE to Buy Attar Perfume Scents

Dubai is a large shopping destination for the people who visit or live there. If you are ever in Dubai, you must consider visiting the attar & perfume shops in Dubai as they are quite popular among the tourists and the local people.

Dubai As Home to Arabian Style Perfumes

The special Arabic style perfumes are famous all over the world. However, they are mostly preferred in gulf countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and more. If you’d like to indulge your senses in the fragrances and have some experience of the Arabic perfumes that comes straight out of perfumeries, then you must visit the following mentioned shops in Dubai:

  1. Ne’emah – Perfume & Attar Shop, Dubai (UAE)

Ne’emah was found in 1997 and it instantly got famous in the international market. Especially popular among the youth because of its trendy fragrances, it is one of the first Arabian attar perfumes shops that created hype in the international market.

The fragrance experts all over the world find the Arabic fragrances strong, refreshing and according to the western taste. When you are in Ne’emah , you can ask to test the sample fragrance of Laya which is the most famous perfume of the shop. It has a strong base topped with vanilla and cedarwood which surely would give you mesmerizing experience.

Located in: The Dubai Mall

AddressFinancial Center Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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  1. Ajmal Perfumes – Attar Perfume Shop in Dubai

Established in 1951, this is one of the oldest traditional perfume shops in Dubai that sells attar. Run as a family business, each person has a nose for unique and intriguing fragrances.

It has branches in different locations in Dubai. You can go to the shop, smell the samples and find your favorite fragrance. Make sure to check out the line of Al Sham attars which are available in different concentrations. You can select the one that suits you best from various options.


Paris Gallery – Dubai Mall,

  1. Boutique M. Micallef – Trendy Fragrance Shop, Dubai

Found by Geoffrey and Martine, M.Micaleff is popular for creating the trendy fragrances from the age-old fragrances especially for the European market. When you are in Dubai, make some time to visit this shop. It is on the expensive side but worth it. Sometimes you get a gift set with the perfume that you order, other times you can get the perfume personalized according to your choice. You can find the boutiques of M. Micaleff in Dubai Marina or City Walk.

Located in: City Walk by Meraas

Address: Grosvenor House Tower 1 Main Lobby – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  1. Ghawali – Traditional Perfume Shop

Found in 2016, Ghawali is inspired by the first merchants who gifted the perfumes to the royal families. The boutique is famous for its scents, oils, beauty products. When you are in the shop, you can personalize the fragrance by choosing the scents of your choice. When you are in the area of City Walk you can easily find this shop by asking anyone.

Located in: The Dubai Mall

Address: Dubai Mall – Dubai – United Arab Emirates (UAE)


  1. Swiss Arabian

When you are in Downtown Dubai, do not forget to visit the Swiss Arabian. The perfumes are alcohol-free. They are specifically meant to be dabbed on pulse points for long-lasting fragrance rather than spraying all over. The popular scent of the shop Kashkha is saffron and musky. It is unisex so can be used by both men and women. You can find the branches of shop in different malls around Dubai.

Address: Dubai Festival City, Crescent Drive – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Buying Traditional Attars & Perfumes in Dubai, UAE:

So, here you have our best picks of the fragrance shops in Dubai. It is worth spending money on a fragrance of your choice as the scent represents the personality. Once you enter one of these popular shops in Dubai you won’t be able to resist the temptation of buying an attar for yourself.