If you want to visit a pefumery town, visit Kannauj

Shri Munshi, a poet and former governor of Uttar Pradesh once wrote:
“If you want to visit a pefumery town, visit Kannauj. It is art, it is culture and it is heritage”
The city has recently been in news because of its unique art of making perfume from rain which is one of India’s best kept secrets. The perfume known as the Mitti Attar is made using an age old technology by cultivating soil and rainwater.
Moreover, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav who recently returned from a trip to France, has announced that a twin city agreement will be signed between Grasse city of France and Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh for the development of perfume industry.
Already known as “The Perfume City”, Kannauj Perfume industry is finally been recognized for its unique art & talent and seems to have a bright future.