What Scents do Hotel Use? Top 5 Fragrances for Luxury boutique hotels

Best Fragrances for Luxury Hotels Lobbies

If you love to travel and you like to indulge in comfortable spots during your visit to different tourist spots, then the luxury boutique hotels are the best for you. Do you have a favourite luxury boutique hotel? We bet that one of the things that make you remember a boutique hotel so much is the fragrance of the boutique hotel. For many years, the boutique hotels have been using the scents to allure the customers. They especially use the scents that have a good impact on the psychology of people and make them keep coming back to the hotels.

Top 5 Scents for Luxury boutique hotels

We are going to present you with the 5 top fragrances that the luxury boutique hotels use to keep their hallways and room scented.

  1. Sandalwood Blends

One of the main fragrances that are popular among the luxury boutique hotels is the sandalwood blends. It reminds you of the eastern country like India. This fragrance has a mystical effect that is liked by almost everyone instantly. In the olden times in the countries of Egypt and India, this scent was very popular. Sandalwood blends give a sweet smell with the hint of woodiness with it. This fragrance is as old as 5000 years. Sandalwood is the fragrance that was used by ancient Indians and Egyptians for spiritual and religious purposes. In India, several prayer ceremonies make use of sandalwood. In Egypt, it was integrated into the rituals. The luxury boutique hotels make use of this connection and use the sandalwood blends to relate the freshness and spirituality of the east with the minds of the customers. It is one of the favourite scents of the travellers who have visited and loved the eastern countries.


  1. Tonka Beans

Tonka beans is a fragrance that is used by the luxury boutique hotels for the hallways and the rooms. This is a distinct combination of a variety of scents like clove, sandalwood, cinnamon and nutmeg. Basically, it is a spicy fragrance with a hint of woodiness. The base of this scent is vanilla. It is a refreshing scent that lingers in the mind of guests long after they have left the hotel. The name tonka comes from the Amazon origin where this fragrance comes from the tonka bean tree cumaru. This scent is available synthetically in many different perfumes. It is also naturally available in the woods in large quantity. This scent was found in the 19th century in the jungles of Amazon. This scent is used in the luxury boutique hotels to make the guests experience the feeling of being close to nature. It is enriching and refreshing for the senses. It is liked by the guests who have come far to travel the different locations. This type of fragrance is mostly found in luxury boutique hotels and is not common.


  1. Amber Blends

The fragrance of amber has always been interesting to mankind. People can relate the fragrance of amber to not just a beautiful fragrance but the amber oil is also used for medicinal purposes. The amber fragrance has been a part of many natural plants and has been a popular fragrance that was being transported from one country to another very often in the olden times. This fragrance is a signature to the Roman Empire where it was used in abundance. It is a woody and spicy fragrance that interests the guests when it is used in the luxury boutique hotels. Some guests are especially drawn to hotels that use the amber fragrance. This fragrance includes the hints of nutmeg, sandalwood and cinnamon. Amber is a sensual fragrance that is demanded by the wealthy guests at the luxury boutique hotels as a special scent to be used in the rooms where they stay for the time of vacation.


  1. Oud fragrance

One of the most expensive fragrances in this world is the oud fragrance. This is because it comes from a very rare tree agar that is found in eastern countries of Bangladesh and India. It is said that the fragrance oud is found in a rare breed of agar trees. It is not present in all of the agar trees. Interesting enough, this fragrance is formed when the tree is affected by the fungus. It is basically a pungent scent that is also sweet in nature. This scent is used in some of the famous and expensive perfumes. When it is refined, it is then mixed with other scents that compliment it. This makes it a fascinating smell which is then used by the expensive luxury boutique hotels.


  1. Tamboti Woods

This unique fragrance called the tamboti woods comes from the forests of Africa. It is not just any common scent. It comes from a rare tree in the equatorial regions of Africa. The fragrance comes from the sap that is produced by the tree. This scent is pleasant in nature. This scent can be used on its own or it can be blended with other scents of oils. This scent can be found in top famous brand stores where it can be found in the blended or non-blended form. This scent is used by the luxury boutique hotels all around the world to alluring the guests to come back to the place again and again.

All of the unique and expensive fragrances that are mentioned above are rare in nature and are produced with the exclusive process. They can be obtained only on the special order. The luxury boutique hotels make use of these fragrances to lure the customers to them by forming a great ambience. Each luxury hotel has its signature scent. When you look online, few of these scents can be available with the exclusive dealers of these scents. When you are spending so much money on buying these fragrances, make sure you are buying them from the authentic source because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that is not real and does not provide a good fragrance.