Health & Spiritual Benefits of Attar (Itra) – The Power of Natural Aroma

Health & Spiritual Benefits of Natural Attar Perfumes

‘Yeh tera zikra hai, ya itrA hai, jab jab karta hun, mehkta hun, behakta hun, chehkta hun’.

These words by famous poet Gulzar immortalized the association of beauty and love of human body with the fragrance that makes the lover glow in esctacy. That is the power of itr or fragrance or attar that it bestows on both the wearer and the recipients.

So does attar also has some spiritual & health benefits?

Well as we all know that attars are unadulturated distillates of flowers, herbs, spices and other natural materials such as baked soil over sandalwood oil; they not only signify putrity but also a connect with nature. The ‘Panchtatva’ or five elements of nature are ‘bhoomi, agni, jal, vayu aur akash’. So when one wears (applies) attar all these elements are activated to bring the body in synergy with nature and in harmony with the environment as also all the five senses are stimulated. And such a body will remain healthy eternally.

To observe how these elements are activated and senses stimulated, one has to understand the complete process of making and wearing of attar.

Attars are oils extracted via hydro or steam distillation into a wooden base and then aged over a period. So in this process the essence of the ‘panchtatvas’ become integral and inseparable part of the fragrance and more aged the attar, more deep is the integration.

Attars are marketed in beautifully crafted glass/crystal bottles called ‘Itrdaans’ that are a visual treat. When the bottle is opened the aroma not only spreads in the environment but also refreshes the entire respiratory system of the wearer (hereafter referred as the patron). When the patron applies attar to the skin, the touch itself transcends the person to the mother earth and nature. The deep body penetration ensures long-lasting fragrance. The compliments received by the patron from loved ones in particular and other appreciators in general is a music to the ears. Attars are natural & eco-friendly fragrances loved by many all over the world.

Now you will ask- hey what about ‘taste’. So here it is. The patron feels great, smells great, is confident and social, develops a charisma and a fan following and these gives the person a taste of success.

Considering these immense health benefits and realizing that attars are an eternal source of happiness for all, the traditions goes to present attars to esteemed guests when when meets them.

So here I am, waiting for your benign presence, my friend, so that I can follow the tradition and spread happiness for all.