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Attar (Ittar) – History, Manufacturing, Usage & Benefits

What is Attar? Attar, also known as “Itra” or “Ittar” is fragrance essential oil, typically made from rose petals. The In true sense, the word ‘attar’ is an Arabic word which means scent. Manufacturing of Attar fragrance oils is the practice of extracting scent from flowers, herbs and other botanical sources. Some attar oils are […]

FFDC Kannauj Training Programs Schedule 2017 – 2018

Embed from Getty Images Looking forward to explore the aromatic world of natural essential oils & attar scents? Fragrance & Flavour Development Center (FFDC) brings you the opportunity to acquire comprehensive skills and expertise in field of essential oils, fragrances & flavours through its specifically designed training programs. Have a look on complete list of upcoming […]


Checkout this short video from News9 talking about a whole number of people around the world who are ittar/attar fans. In last few years there has been a significant increase in sales of natural oils, due to its eco friendly nature and quality of stay longer in comparison to perfumes. Attar brings a whole number of benefits over perfume. Kannauj, the […]

Take home that lush smell of the first rain, trapped in a bottle made in Kannauj

Indeed, even the word for it is delightful — petrichor, the fragrance of the main downpour. Melodies have been sung and lyrics expounded on it. However, did you know you could get it in a container? In the perfume capital of India — Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh — exceptionally old procedure is utilized to reproduce […]