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How Long do Attars Last? – Factors that Determine Longevity of Attar

How Long Does Attar Last?

Understanding Attars: Modern synthetic perfumes are alcoholic and chemical-based, that often uses aerosol-based spray dispenser. There are various studies suggest that these perfumes in long term can be hazardous to health and the environment both. Attars are natural eco-friendly alternative of perfumes which are alcohol free, oil-based, natural extracts derived from flowers, organic herbs, wood, […]

Types of Rose Oils – Sources of Rose to Obtain Essential Oil & Absolutes

Attar of roses (otto) or Rose Essential oil is extracted from rose petals, and used widely in aromatherapy and perfumery. Rose oil is one of the most sought-after perfumery agent in the world, today. There are around 180+ species of Rose and thousands of hybrid rose species found in different regions. However, interestingly only 5 or […]

What Your Fragrance Says About You

Know Your Fragrances

Your fragrance of choice is telling. If you think your favorite fragrance is nothing more than a delightful scent you like to surround yourself with, you’re only partially right. Like your favorite food or your favorite pastimes, the fragrance you love says something about you as a person. It helps the world develop an opinion […]

Indian Oud vs Combodian Oud vs Indonesia Oud – Which is the Best & Why?

Oud Types and Comparison - Indian vs Combodian Oud

In general, fragrance experts differentiate the profile of oud based scents & perfumes based on their origin country, botanical species to which they belong to, age of infection and the part of tree which has been infected that could be stem, body, root, heartwood or bark. Since India was the first country where Oud tree, […]

What’s the Difference Between Attar & Essential Oil?

Understanding Attars: Attar is a persian/Arabic word meaning fragrance, scent or essence. When the aroma of flowers, herbs and spices are collected by hydro-distillation on a base material, like sandalwood oil, the attar is made. Traditional Attars or Itra are majorly used as perfumes and are produced by distilling natural ingredients like flower petals, spices, […]

The Evolution of Attar Market in India & Its Global Demand

Kannauj, located in Uttar Pradesh (India) is known for its world famous perfumes production, specifically attar & sandalwood based organic essential oils. The town has a rich history and it was a capital during the time of emperor Harshavardhan, known for his kindness & sacrifice. In last decade industry went through the tough time. In order to elevate the trade […]