How Long do Attars Last? – Factors that Determine Longevity of Attar

How Long Does Attar Last?

Understanding Attars:

Modern synthetic perfumes are alcoholic and chemical-based, that often uses aerosol-based spray dispenser. There are various studies suggest that these perfumes in long term can be hazardous to health and the environment both. Attars are natural eco-friendly alternative of perfumes which are alcohol free, oil-based, natural extracts derived from flowers, organic herbs, wood, etc.

In traditional attar making process, attar manufacturers in India use Sandalwood Oil as base which on combining with the molecules of fragrance oil used derives final attar. When combined with Sandalwood oil the final attar oil produced lasts longer than pure extract of flower.

A Classic Example of Rose to Understand Attar’s Long-Lasting Characteristic:

Pure rose oil which is derived through steam or hydro-distillation needs to be handled in very gentle manner. It usually last for few hours only. Moreover, in most of cases it is not ideal to wear pure rose oil as perfume or apply directly on skin.

But when the roses are distilled in Sandalwood base, it produces one of the world’s finest fragrances that last longer than a day.


Factors that Determine Longevity of Attar Perfumes:

There are some key factors factors that affect the long-lasting characteristics of an attar.

  1. Type of Attar:

Attars derived from distillation of flower petals such as Rose, Jasmine, Blue Lotus etc. are stay for less time when compared to Attars extracted from Wood such as Agarwood.

  1. Quality of Raw Material

Not all attars are same. Attar of Ruh Khus (Vetiver) found in region near Kannauj stays longer than vetiver found in other regions.

  1. Use of Ingredients

If an attar perfume constitutes more number of ingredients then it depends on the characteristics how long the fragrance of attar will last.

  1. Where do you apply attar

Attars applied on clothes usually can give you feel of it for long in some cases more than 2-3 days. However, please note that dark attars can leave mark on your clothes.